Badami Adventure Trip



There are a lot of short canyons in Badami area (No water though). We will go there, do backcountry camping and explore many of those slot canyons. Expect to get scratched a lot.
There is also a natural arch in that area. It will be nice to rappel from there; Nice overhang rappel.
Only graduates will be able to do the rappelling; others can come for camping and exploring Badami area.

What is included:
Rappelling Expertise.
Tents & Sleeping bags
Basic continental style food (bread, buter, jam, banana etc)
Local transportation in Badami
Access to all group gear like Webbing, ropes etc.

CTL 1 Graduate – 7999
CTL 2 Graduate – 4999
CTL 3 Graduate – 2999

Video from our last trip – Day 1

Photos from Last year :
Day 1

Gepostet von Bangalore Adventure School am Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2016

Day 2

Gepostet von Bangalore Adventure School am Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2016

Stay :
We will be camping in the wild. So, if nature calls, you will have to do it in the woods. Saturday morning when we reach Badami, the railway station will have public bathrooms.
On Sunday morning we will visit the Badami Caves area. There are public restrooms there. We will be taking bath in the Lake.

Food :
We will be providing basic continental food (bread, butter, jam etc.). Once a day we will be able to visit civilization and grab some hot food (self sponsored though).

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BASCOOL Graduate?

CTL 3 Graduate, CTL 2 Graduate, CTL 1 Graduate, Not Canyoneer


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