Welcome to BASCOOL’s loyalty rewards program. This is our way of saying thanks to you as a loyal customer. Enrollment is free; keep winning points and get free events, surprise gifts, discounts etc.


How much is a point worth?

As you earn points, you will be able to redeem them for a value which is not less than INR 1 per point. That means you can get a discount of atleast INR 500 when you redeem 500 points. Sometimes, you might get even more than INR 500. Please check the redemption section for more details

Rewards Screen

From the main menu, select “My Account” option to land at the my account page. In My account page, under dashboard, you will get the following options.
1) Referral link to refer your friends and family.
2) Your total reward points
3) Your reward redemption history.

Menu to My Account - Bangalore Adventure School
Menu to My Account
My Rewards in My Accounts page
My Rewards in My Accounts page

How to earn points?

Register on our website

Win 100 points as a joining rewards.
You can either register / login with your social credentials like Facebook and Google+. Or else, you may register directly using your unique email ID.

Link to register : https://events.bangaloreadventureschool.com/my-account

Refer our website to Someone

You will earn 400 points when the person you referred makes a first purchase in our website. There is no limit on how many referral points you may earn. You can earn rewards as long as this program is on. Your friend will get 100 points immediately after registration. He / she will also get another 300 points which can be used as a discount towards their first purchase. So, in effect you both earn 400 points each.

Your referral code to share with friends

When you register at our website, you will get a welcome email and your referral code will be mentioned in that email. However, for future reference you can always find out your referral code from “My Account” page. You may even delete an older referral link and / or generate a new one

Referral Link from My Account page
Referral Link from My Account page

Refer Someone to our website

Visit your “My Account” page to obtain your unique referral URL. Once you get your referrla URL, you may share that with your friends and family to keep winning referral bonuses.

Attend our Events

 When you attend our events you keep earning reward points. The points you earn depends on the event. Roughly for every 100 rupees you spend on our website, you earn 1 point. There is no limit in points you can earn or redeem.

Buy Products from our website

When you buy products from our website you keep earning reward points. The points you earn depends on the product’s price. Roughly for every 100 rupees you spend on our website, you earn 1 point. There is no limit in points you can earn. However, there are some restrictions in the points you can redeem in a single order.

How to Redeem points

Apply as discount code

When you are registering for an event or purchasing a product from our website, you can use your previously earned points and get discount of equal amount. The option will be automatically available during the checkout process

Restrictions while Redeeming

  • A maximum 40% of the cart total can be paid using rewards point during one order.
  • A minimum of 100 reward points is required to redeem reward points.
  • The cart total must be atleast 599 in order to apply reward points.
  • Rewards point and coupons cannot be applied together for the same order.