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Sat, 08 Jun 2019 02:00 PM - Tue, 31 Dec 2019 04:00 PM





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Wilderness Trekking Course (WTC) is a comprehensive training course offered by Bangalore Adventure School (BASCool) for anybody who likes trekking. This course is designed keeping in mind every outdoor lover – from those who have never hiked before to those who’ve already done some difficult treks in the Himalayas.

This course is designed for YOU if (any of the following) :

  • You are new to hiking; you are not sure were and how to start. You are looking for the proper guidance from a team of well qualified outdoor professionals.
  • You’ve been hiking a lot, but would like to learn the right skills from a team of well qualified outdoor professionals.
  • You’ve been hiking with groups or friends in the past and somehow your group just vanished as they got busy with their life. But, you still have the fire in you and you need company.
  • You’ve already climbed strenuous peaks such as Kumara Parvatha (KP) in a day, but now would like to learn the skills to guide your friends along.

Topics covered include travel techniques, navigation using map & compass, gear, weather, nutrition and hydration, back-country emergency, flash-flood and avalanche awareness, Leave No Trace, and more.


For more details please check out FAQs page

Course Structures

Theory Session 1
Covers topics related to preparation for a hike

Theory Session 2
Basic Navigation: Directions, Map Reading, Using a Compass and Weather etc

Practical Sessions:
These sessions consist of actual hikes of varying levels of difficulty. Over a period of 4 – 6 months we will arrange various hikes as you progress in this course. Once you complete a H1 hike, you will be eligible to join us for a H2 hike and so on.

H1 – Level 1 hike – Basic 2 hour hike
H2 – Level 2 hike – Half Day Hike (4 – 6 hours )
H3 – Level 3 Hike – Full Day Hike (6 – 12 hours )
H4 – Level 4 hike – Hiking and camping overnight (12 + hours )

Course Fee : 5,899 INR
Course Start Date : Jun 2019
Course calendar will be given to registered students.

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