Veerana Canyon – 3AI


Veerana Canyon is a very short canyon 4 hours from Bangalore. The canyon is dry but has 4 rappels. It is a good place to practice the skills learned during training in an actual canyon.
This canyon was first descended by Gokul and Vijay and has rated as 3AI
Fees: 1,599
Guide fees


What is Not Included
Gear rental (400 extra)
Food expenses will be shared on actuals


Eligibility: Graduates of BASCOOL (Canyoneering Course)
Max Team size: 10
Distance from Bangalore : 4 hours
Hike in : 1 km
Elevation gain : 500 ft
Rappels : 4 (30 ft, 30 ft, 40 ft, 50 ft)

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