Mayavi Caves – Technical Caving


Mayavi caves is a beautiful technical cave situated in South India and is filled with stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones, shining mineral flows etc. It is just 6 hours drive from Bangalore. It is a technical cave because of the few vertical sections inside the cave. These sections need you to be proficient in rappelling and ascending skills.

Why July 20th?
The greatest exploration of mankind till date happened on July 20th, 1969.  On this day human’s set foot on the farthest land from earth – The Moon. So, 2019 July 20th is the 50th year anniversary of this greatest exploration. We think we should celebrate this by going to a place where other humans cannot go that easily. It will also a be a bonus if that land looks like out of this world. Hence, we chose to go to Mayavi caves on this special day!

Who can attend?
Since this is a technical cave.
Here is the recommended Caving Course provided by BASCOOL

What to expect
Hike in 1km
Elevation gain: 200 ft
Stay: Backcountry tent camping
Cave: Mayavi caves is a technical cave. The entrance is a small passage and 15 ft downclimb. after that cave is mostly horizontal except the 2 obstacles which we will have to ascend and then descend on the other side using ropes. Once we descend to the other side of the first obstacle air will be almost stationary and people might feel some uneasiness. Oxygen might be less.

Fees: 6,999
Any discounts?: Those who register before June 25th will get a flat 2K discount.

What is included?
Caving equipment like helmet, headlamp
Portable Oxygen in a can
First aid kit
Tent, Sleeping bag etc.

What is NOT included?
Food will be arranged but, food expenses will be shared equally.

Here is a blog that mentions the experience during re-discovery of Mayavi Cave.

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