Map Reading & Navigation – T2



HiTec Navigation Course (T2)
Map Reading and Navigation using hi-tech gadgets like hikers GPS, compass, altimeter etc.

WTC enrolled: Free
BASCOOL Members: 3K
Others: 5K

This is part of our Wilderness Trekking Course (WTC) .
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——Types of Navigation
——To do terrain research from Home
—— On field tools
—— GPS
—— Compass, Map Reading
—Types of Maps
—— Topo Maps
—— Contour Lines
—— Various contour line Features
—— Shaded Relief
—— First & Second derivatives
— Orienteering
—— Methods to identify ones position in map
——— With 2 visible landmarks
——— With 1 visible landmarks
——— With NO visible landmarks / in night
——— Read bearings
—— Path Planning
—— Path corrections
The following presentation will be used for the theory. Please refer

This is part of our Wilderness Trekking Course (WTC) and hence for registered students of WTC, this will be free of cost and requires no registration.

For more info about WTC visit the FAQs page:

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2022-Jan-22 (Saturday)

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