Land Navigation Course (LNC)




Topics Covered:
Map symbols and information
Measuring distance on a map
Differences between True North, Grid North and Magnetic North
Using a protractor to plot bearings and triangulate position on a map
How to orient a map with a compass
Route planning
Following a compass bearing while trekking
Determining location grid coordinates (using GPS) and plotting the location on a map
Dead reckoning
Using pace and terrain association to arrive at a destination
Topographic map and terrain association for navigation without other tools
Reading contour lines to get a 3D view of the terrain
Plus other tips and tricks to build your confidence while navigating through the wilderness

About Your Instructor
Gokul is best known as pioneer Canyoning instructor of India. He was trained by Marines and Ex US-Airforce trainers during his stay in the United States. He is also the founder and lead instructor at Bangalore Adventure School.

Fees: INR 3,999
Tranportation: 800 INR

Media – Photos & Videos

Photos from first LNC batch post-Covid
Photos from 2nd batch

What participants have to say:

A sneak peek Video:

Location: The training location is in the outskirts of Bangalore. 75 kms from Bangalore (2 hours). 40 minutes drive from Kanakapura town.

Things provided?
Printed maps
Baseplate compass

Things to bring
Good shoes
Trekking attire
Face Mask and /or Face Shield
# – items marked with “#” means, if you dont have them, let us know we can bring extra. You need not buy new items.

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2020-Nov-21 (Saturday)


Own Transportion, Need Transportation


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