Heatomate – Water Activated Heat Source for camp cooking




Heatomate – water activated heat source for camp cooking. This is an awesome innovation by Anchiele Technologies – an IIT-Delhi incubated startup. Banglare Adventure School (BASCOOL) is collaborating with them to bring this product for self-sufficient alpine style trekkers.

There will be a 30% off for those who pre-order this product from BASCOOL’s website.

Real Price: 149 INR
Pre-order price: 105 INR

Product can be picked up from Bangalore starting August 30th.

  • A water activated disposable food heater which raises temperature of 300 gm food/beverage by 65 to 70 degree celsius from standard temperature.
  • Best suited for trekking, hiking, camping, backpacking, mountaineering train/bus travel.
  • Great Alternative to induction stove, electric stove, stove top gas cooker, alcohol stove and gas burners.
  • Can be used inside Tents without any chances of explosion or fire.
  • Cooks Noodles, Tea, Coffee, Ready to Eat Food.
  • Activated by 60-70 ml of water.
  • Eco-Friendly: The heating by product is a natural mineral and easily integrates into the soil without any adverse effects. The plastic used in the product is 100 % recyclable and should be disposed off in recyclable waste bins.
  • Easily fits in bags and travel luggage. Weighs just 50 grams.
  • Made using ROHS certified non-toxic chemicals.
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