Beginner’s Photography Workshop

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This photography workshop is for anybody who wants to master the camera to take awesome photos.

Master the Manual Mode
Difficulty Level : Beginner


Day 1 – Theory: 9 AM to 5 PM

• Intro to Gear – know your equipment
• Composition Skills and real world application.
• Relation between Exposure Triangle and Depth of Field.
• Metering modes and controlling exposure.
• Three step method to take a professional portrait.
• Do’s and Dont’s to maximize your lens resolution.
• The CELL Principle
• Abnormalities and how to avoid them
• Post processing and what to do next.

Day 2 (optional) – Outdoors: 9:30 AM to 3 PM

We go out for hands on experience in controlling the fundamentals that you’ve learned.
We see the difference the training made to your Photography with a hands on approach,
Review and Q&A.

Meeting Location:

Inside Bangalore. Exact location will be emailed to registered participants

Things to Bring:

Your Camera
Notebook and Pen
Lunch (if you don’t wish to order outside)

What next:

• At the end of the session, you’ll be more confident with your camera and understand the final output that you create.
• You get to be a part of our Aspiring Photographers group where we discuss and critique each others work actively.
• You get to join one of our advanced workshops on landscapes or post-processing workshops to further hone your skills.

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