Adventure Summer Camp for Kids & Teens

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This Adventure summer camp for Kids and Teens by Bangalore Adventure School offers a great mix of physical activities, mental skills building and empowering children to make independent decisions. These camps are designed for kids and teens of  age 10 to 17. 

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In the camp, children experience a fascinating environment where they can create joyful memories, develop interests and skills, experience personal growth, build friendships, and build confidence while learning, playing and thriving in our gorgeous outdoor playground. Quality time will be spend by children outside while learning new skills and relishing the engaging outdoor adventures with new and old friends. Here the campers experience a traditional summer camp life without mobile phone connectivity, video games or the internet.

Adventure Based Programming uses adventure activities to facilitate personal development, socio-emotional learning, and change in behavior. Through reflection and experiential education, participants create new insights into how actions affect themselves and others. The goal is to gain learnings from the connection between the adventure experience and real-life situations.

Batches / Available Dates:
April, May & June

Activities provided in this Adventure Summer Camp for Kids

  • Wilderness Back country Camping
  • Farm day with the tribals
  • Tea production and manufacturing – factory visit
  • Tent pitching and stay in tents
  • Adventure activities like Zipline, kayaking and swimming with a life jacket.
  • Vertical rope courses – Rappelling, Ascending
  • Cave exploration – Edakkal Caves
  • Trekking – Waterfall trekking

Key takeaways from this Summer Camp 

  • Teamwork
  • Importance of Trust building
  • Surviving with minimum
  • Leadership
  • Planning & Execution of tasks
  • Mental stimulation & physical activity
  • Independence and empowerment
  • Camp helps kids build a unique interest
  • Camp leads to a new type of friendship-building
  • Camp leads to creativity, free of judgement
  • Camp instills appreciation and gratitude

Packing List:
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Camp Location: Priyadarshini Tea Environs, Wayanad, Kerala

Our Other Locations:
Survival island – Kerala




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