Advanced Canyoning Training – Level 1 (ACT 1)


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Advanced Canyoning training is the next step after completing all the 3 levels in the intro level. You learn skills critical for canyon explorations.

If you are new to Canyoning, please attend our Canyoneering Training Level 1.


Fees : INR 3000
Cashback : Get 1000 cashback if you have your own gearĀ (helmet, harness, 2 biners & 1 descender)
Get back 500 if you had purchased atleast 1 helmet or a harness from BASCOOL.

Syllabus ACT 1

Rappel Backups
… Prusik
… Klemheist aka Machard
… Autoblock
… VT Prusik
Self Rescue
How to rappel in the lack of a device
… When there is no Rappel device
… When there is no Harness
Top Rope Belay
More Marginal Anchors
… Cairn Anchor
… Meat Anchor
… DeadMan Anchor



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